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1C:Drive - Flexible and comprehensive ERP solution to boost growing companies and help them stay competitive in a dynamic business environment.

1C:Drive is a flexible ERP solution to control and manage key processes in small and medium-sized companies.

1C:Drive combines multiple capabilities to execute various business operations, manage production workflows, digitize paper streams and connect companies to all their partners, in real time and on any device.

  • Ready-to-start complete ERP for any business: production, wholesale, or services 
  • Easy to adapt to existing processes and business needs 
  • Trustworthy ERP with the powerful 1C:Enterprise platform inside 
  • Ability to scale along with the company’s growth
  • Fitting into budgets of small and medium companies 
  • Support team at your disposal for smooth implementation and seamless usage


Sales Management

Automate the entire sales process starting from providing quotations to issuing sales invoices and tax invoices.

  • Quotation – States an offering to a prospective buyer. It lists the proposed prices for your goods and services.
  • Sales Order – Confirms that a customer is ready to purchase your goods and services. It authorizes sale of listed items for the specified amount.
  • Goods Issue – Registers physical transfer of goods from your company to any third party.
  • Sales Invoice – Requests payment for goods or services that you have supplied to a customer. It contains a final price including all charges and payment terms.
  • Tax Invoice – States the details of your VAT taxable sales in compliance with the VAT law.
  • Credit Note – States that you have provided a credit to a customer as an increase of their debt. The document is the evidence of the reduction in your sales.
1C:Drive provides flexible data-driven tools for orchestration of sales prices and discounts based on data from contracts with clients and groups of clients with specific requirements.

In 1C:Drive, you can specify flexible discounts to make the best offer to your customers in your sales documents.

Marketing & CRM

Organize and track the process of winning customers.

  • Customer Profile: Register and store information about prospective customers.
  • Marketing Management: Arrange targeted marketing campaigns for winning customers.
  • Team Management: Define sales persons responsible for marketing activities.
  • Marketing Plan: Plan events to contact with prospective customers.
  • Lead Management: Guide prospective customers through marketing activities. Assign a prospective customer to an actual sales contact.
  • Marketing Analytics: Track statistics of sales conversions.
  • Sales Pipeline: This report shows the number of sales leads generated over a certain period of time or a certain stage of your campaign.
  • Sales Funnel: Sales funnel is a graphical view of the buyer’s journey a company leads their potential customers through on the way to purchase.
  • Duplicates Blocking: Duplicates blocking mechanism improves the quality of data by preventing duplicates and making data more relevant.

Service Management

Create documents and automate service management.

  • Work / Service Order creation
  • You can also track each order by the response time, which is specified in the service level agreement of a contract.
  • Warranty repair work
  • General repair
  • Preventive maintenance of previously sold goods
  • Requests for installation of products sold earlier
  • Freight requests
You can manage the process of returning a defective or not working product to the manufacturer for repair or exchange.

You can create a request for Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) document in which an existing customer describes all defects of a product that has been sold to them. RMA process is initiated according to this document.


Production Management 

Manage your production life cycle. 1C:Drive allows users to create and manage documents such as production orders and bills of materials. 

Cost Allocation 

Manage direct and indirect costs for better understanding of the real cost of goods and services delivered by your company. Distribute the cost of each product and understand the real cost of each product. 

Cost Calculations 

Create cost calculations at the planned cost of each product. Analyze the difference between the actual and planned cost. 


Calculate profitability by using a flexible algorithm.

Warehouse Management

  • Inventory: 1C:Drive offers flexible options to manage goods in stocks and manage their characteristics such as units of measure, methods of cost calculation, inventory posting groups, price calculations, expiry dates, ingredients and more.
  • Item Tracking: The system delivers functionality to manage, assign and track serial and lot numbers of goods in a warehouse.
  • Multiple Warehouses: You can manage stock and inventory in multiple locations around the world – in shops, warehouses, pick-up points, in production stage, in a supplier’s warehouse, etc.
  • Warehouse Receipt: Enables users to print out warehouse documents
  • Warehouse Shipment: Enables warehouse workers to receive order picking information and initiate the shipment process.
  • Barcode Scanner Support: When used in the retail sales or at a cashier workplace, a barcode scanner allows you to add items to the inventory section anytime you scan a barcode.


  • Purchase order – Issued by the buyer ordering goods or services and used for setting out all the details of the order in the first place.
  • Delivery note – Issued and sent by the supplier and used to set out the details of the items being supplied.
1C:Drive delivers a powerful technology for calculating the best purchase price for an item by analyzing data from multiple vendors. It also provides similar calculations for discounts, taking into account all conditions required by suppliers – such as minimum quantity, time period, currency, item options, etc.

A request for quotation (hereinafter, RFQ) is a step in a procurement process where you invite a supplier to bid on certain products or services. When you know what you want to buy, you specify your requirements in an RFQ. Then you send it to potential suppliers to find out which company can meet your requirements with the best price and terms. 1C:Drive helps you register and process your RFQs.

1C:Drive Benefits

Fast and easy adaptation to company’s growth

Ideal for growing companies, 1C:Drive ERP allows you to use only required functionality and then adapt and scale the ERP system as the business grows. It will smoothly support you when launching new services, conquering new markets, and in the case of changes in production technologies or business environment.

Renown and trustworthy ERP technologies inside

With the globally proven 1C:Enterprise platform inside, you can be confident in the quality and functionality of 1C:Drive. It is powered by technologies with more than 30 years of success on the ERP market and 1.5 mln+ customers in manufacturing, retail, textile, services, and other industries throughout the world.

Complete ERP for mediumsized business

1C:Drive covers all of the key processes typical for small- and medium-sized companies including sales, services, production and more. All the functionality is already available by default in the standard pack — no need to additionally purchase specific modules and add-ons.

Adjustable for your specific business needs

1C:Drive ERP allows you to automate even complex or nonstandard work processes supporting the uniqueness of your business in the market competition. It is flexibly adaptable to the local standards and requirements, platform-independent (Windows, Apple, and Linux), can be implemented on-premise or in a private cloud, and can be integrated with various DBMS, software systems (CAD, TMS, WMS, etc.), or equipment.

Bringing transparency to the business

Smart business decisions are based on real data: data that is correct, accurately transferred from module to module, data that can be analyzed and visualized to make confident timely decisions. 1C:Drive provides a completely open system with more than 100 standard reports and the ability to quickly build any additional report that your business requires — for a big picture view and data-backed decisions.

Easy-to-start solution with 4–12 week implementation

There is no need to wait a year to automate your business — 1C:Drive can be implemented extremely fast. Only 4-12 weeks (on average) — and it is ready to upload your data and start. Professional support of the 1Ci team and 1Ci Partners during implementation and education ensures success.

Doing business all over the world

International trade is available out-of-box in 1C:Drive: trade with all the currencies supported in your management and cost accounting, work in any currencies simultaneously, track branches, warehouses and business units in one system.

Local versions of 1C:Drive

Special versions of 1C:Drive support local specifics and local business requirements in Poland, Turkey, Germany, and other countries helping you market and develop your business smoother and faster in those regions.