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1C:Enterprise development platform

The ultimate framework for business automation software development

Businesses of all sizes face the necessity of automation as soon as the number of processes and workflows is starting to grow. Some companies turn to the largest software vendors that guarantee the high quality of products, others - search for the most affordable solutions, but none of them can be saved from a lot of work required on customizing the systems according to company needs. The third way is to develop an automation system from scratch using available programming languages. But in this case, companies can make a million mistakes and doom themselves to years of fixing problems.

1C:Enterprise can simplify your choice and provide you with an incredible platform for business automation

1C:Enterprise is a flexible business automation platform that empowers 1.5 mln+ ready-to-use applications and offers a unique business development framework, enabling companies to create inhouse applications really fast.


When working with 1C:Enterprise, you do not need to port your software to different platforms. 

Once written, it works everywhere:

Native clients for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS

Web clients for any browser

Servers for Windows and Linux

1C:Enterprise platform is also compatible with multiple DBMS solutions:

Regular apps built with traditional development tools often require complete redesign and re-programming when the number of users increases significantly. Apps created with 1C:Enterprise platform are automatically scaled to serve any number of concurrent users. 

The platform supports a cluster of servers which perform load balancing without the need of halting the app for implementing any updates.

A different approach

No more coding everything from scratch, struggling with poorly documented development tools and trying to bundle several programming languages and libraries into one solution. The 1C:Enterprise platform provides you with a collection of building blocks you can use to build an application tailored to your business tasks.

Use 1C:Enterprise development platform to avoid these problems and get:

Cross-platform coding

One code. Once written, it works everywhere, including desktop, mobile, and cloud.

Ready-to-use code templates

Comprehensive database of code templates to speed up and standardize development, customization, and support.

Ease of use

No strong IT background needed to start coding. 1C:Enterprise features an easy-to-learn programming tools anyone can master very fast.

Customizable UI

Сustom settings for controls, buttons, rules for showing and hiding UX elements, and much more.

Secure access control

Flexible access rights management system for building secure applications.

Intuitive programming

Talks business: SalesDoc= Documents.SaleInvoice.Create(); Not gibberish: l=`wc-l $f | sed's/^\([0-9]*\).*$/\1/'`