1C:Drive is a flexible ERP solution to control and manage key processes in small and medium-sized companies.

1C:Drive combines multiple capabilities to execute various business operations, manage production workflows, digitize paper streams and connect companies to all their partners, in real time and on any device.

  • Easy to adapt to existing processes and business needs
  • Trustworthy ERP with the powerful 1C:Enterprise platform inside
  • Ready-to-start complete ERP for any business: production, wholesale, or services
  • Support team at your disposal for smooth implementation and seamless usage
  • Fitting into budgets of small and medium companies
  • Ability to scale along with the company’s growth

Purchase Management

  • Purchase prices
  • Invoice discounts
  • RFQ & RFQ response

Reporting & Analytics

  • 100+ standard reports
  • Custom reports
  • Multiple legal entities (branches)

Marketing & CRM

  • Customer profile
  • Lead management
  • Marketing analytics
  • Sales pipeline and funnels

Sales Management

  • Prices and discounts
  • Quotations
  • Sales and tax invoices
  • Best price offer calculation

Finance Management

  • General ledger
  • Cost accounting
  • Fixed assets
  • Multiple currency support
  • Bank reconciliation

Service Management

  • Warranty and general repair work
  • Preventive maintenance of sold goods
  • Freight requests
  • Installation requests
  • RMA & RMA requests

Inventory & Warehouse

  • Item tracking
  • Categories and attributes
  • Products with complex parameters
  • Assignment to bins
  • Multiple warehouse management
  • Shipment initiation and address management
  • Barcode scanners (and other equipment) support


  • Production planning
  • Production dispatching
  • Production management
  • Cost allocation and calculation
  • Profitability calculation
  • Subcontractors management

1C:Drive Benefits

1C:Drive ERP allows you to automate even complex or nonstandard work processes supporting the uniqueness of your business in the market competition. It is flexibly adaptable to the local standards and requirements, platform-independent (Windows, Apple, and Linux), can be implemented on-premise or in a private cloud, and can be integrated with various DBMS, software systems (CAD, TMS, WMS, etc.), or equipment.

Smart business decisions are based on real data: data that is correct, accurately transferred from module to module, data that can be analyzed and visualized to make confident timely decisions. 1C:Drive provides a completely open system with more than 100 standard reports and the ability to quickly build any additional report that your business requires — for a big picture view and data-backed decisions.

1C:Drive covers all of the key processes typical for small- and medium-sized companies including sales, services, production and more. All the functionality is already available by default in the standard pack — no need to additionally purchase specific modules and add-ons.

International trade is available out-of-box in 1C:Drive: trade with all the currencies supported in your management and cost accounting, work in any currencies simultaneously, track branches, warehouses and business units in one system.

There is no need to wait a year to automate your business — 1C:Drive can be implemented extremely fast. Only 4-12 weeks (on average) — and it is ready to upload your data and start. Professional support of the 1Ci team and 1Ci Partners during implementation and education ensures success.

Special versions of 1C:Drive support local specifics and local business requirements in Poland, Turkey, Germany, and other countries helping you market and develop your business smoother and faster in those regions.

With the globally proven 1C:Enterprise platform inside, you can be confident in the quality and functionality of 1C:Drive. It is powered by technologies with more than 30 years of success on the ERP market and 1.5 mln+ customers in manufacturing, retail, textile, services, and other industries throughout the world.

Ideal for growing companies, 1C:Drive ERP allows you to use only required functionality and then adapt and scale the ERP system as the business grows. It will smoothly support you when launching new services, conquering new markets, and in the case of changes in production technologies or business environment.



starting from

19 000 AED

  • One-time payment
  • Includes 5 concurrent user licenses
  • Includes 1 server license
  • On-premises or cloud installation
  • Open-source code

* excluding VAT