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ERP Prime

All-in-one ERP solution for business automation

Fully integrated functionality across all your business functions

When you can integrate all your critical business functions into a single application, you can connect all your employees and business units giving you a 360 degree view of your entire business and increasing controls.

Fast return on your investment

Once ERP Prime is installed, you should expect to see a fast return on your investment

Grows with your business

As your business requirements become more complex and more employees join your team you will see how the sophistication of your internal processes grows. You will find out that Prime is ready to meet those challenges and grow with you as your business evolves.




* Customers
* Leads
* Events
* Customer orders

Sales & Purchases

* Purchase day book
* Invoices issued
* Invoices received
* Credit notes and Debit notes

Inventory & Warehouse

* Warehouse documents
* Inventory transfer
* Inventory write-off
* Inventory reconciliation

Finance & Accounting

* VAT accounting
* Annual accounts
* General ledger
* Financial statements

HR & Payroll

* Employees
* Employment contracts
* Payroll calculations
* Gratuity calculation



* Assembling / disassembling
* Work orders
* Time tracking
* Cost accounting


Powerful features to stay ahead of the competition

Ability to increase operational efficiency and achieve faster time-to-market

Efficient collaboration using a single system and integrated information

Significant cost savings in both production and operations