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Warehouse & Inventory Management

Our Smart solutions empower you to effectively manage your biggest investment and get up-to-the-minute inventory knowledge.

Nowadays, inventory can come in multiple forms and be stored in various locations, like warehouses, distribution centers, or self-pick up facilities. Distributors and manufacturers all over the world struggling to get full control over their inventory, which is actually one of the main business assets for fast orders closing.

Having a well-documented and deeply-controlled supply chain management process is always a significant competitive advantage and a pathway to customer loyalty growth.

1C SOFTWARE is designed to help businesses effortlessly manage their inventory across multiple channels and devices.

Warehouse management


1C:Drive offers flexible options to manage goods in stocks and manage their characteristics such as units of measure, methods of cost calculation, inventory posting groups, price calculations, expiry dates, ingredients and more. The stock module is transparent and synchronized in real time with other strategic modules of the system providing you with an actual monetary value of all goods in stock.

Item Tracking

The system delivers functionality to manage, assign and track serial and lot numbers of goods in a warehouse. Users can ship multiple quantities of goods with different serial/ lot numbers from a single order line entry, without the need to create multiple orders.

Item Categories and Attributes

1C:Drive users can manage items in a warehouse by categories and create custom categories of products for any business need – by assigning specific attributes such as color, country of origin size, product dimensions, expiration date, publisher, discounts, specific ingredients, fragile or seasonal markings, etc. When you add new items to your warehouse, they automatically inherit all attributes of the product’s category, keeping your stock in order and saving your time. You can also translate names of attributes into any languages. If the attributes are no longer needed, you can simply remove them for any period. To shorten the list of products, you can always filter attribute values when adding products to a sales document.

Assignment to Bins

This feature helps you manage your warehouse by assigning items to bins (storage cells) that may represent a numbered row on shelves or a rack where a particular category of goods is stored. Bin assignment can be done automatically according to item journals.

Multiple Warehouses

You can manage stock and inventory in multiple locations around the world – in shops, warehouses, pick-up points, in production stage, in a supplier’s warehouse, etc. 1C:Drive also provides a tool for creating multiple virtual warehouses based on the same physical location, if your business needs such an option.

Warehouse Receipt

Enables users to print out warehouse documents

Warehouse Shipment

Enables warehouse workers to receive order picking information and initiate the shipment process.

Assembly Management

In 1C:Drive you can choose a list of goods, raw materials, parts of product or resources as an Assembly Bill of Materials. Assembly orders can be used to replenish and store assembly elements or to add the customer’s requirements to kit materials directly from stocks, order lines, and quotes in order assembly processes.

Shipping Address Management

Customers may have several stores located in different places and belonging to one legal entity. Every order from such a customer contains both the legal entity and delivery addresses. Delivery attributes for these addresses differ in their contacts details and delivery service provider.

Barcode Scanner Support

When used in the retail sales or at a cashier workplace, a barcode scanner allows you to add items to the inventory section anytime you scan a barcode.

Analytical Reports

1C:Drive provides powerful functionality and analytics for decision makers. With the help of its customizable and flexible analytical reports, company leaders can monitor the situation and business dynamics and quickly initiate necessary changes in sales, warehouses, manufacturing, finances or any other area.