Implementation of geographically distributed systems

  • 1C:Enterprise is an open system, capable of integrating with practically any combination of software and hardware based on widely used open standards and data transfer protocols.
  • The platform provides all the tools needed to implement file exchange in a variety of file formats, access all system objects using third-party applications, use a variety of exchange protocols and interactions standards to integrate with third-party systems (XML, JSON, etc), and work online.
  • The 1C: Enterprise 8 platform supports the creation of web and HTTP services in applications, as well as integration with external web and HTTP services. External systems can access 1С application data using the OData protocol.
  • Applications built on the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform can be integrated with different hardware, including retail and warehouse units (portable data terminals, card readers, hand-held scanners, etc). Integration with popular commercial and industrial equipment is available in many standard, off-the-shelf solutions.
  • Distributed database feature streamlines rapid creation and deployment of geographically distributed systems.
  • Universal data exchange mechanism enables easy integration with a variety of third-party information systems.