Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) is a customer-focused platform providing a comprehensive suite of products and services that enhance the life cycle of oil, gas, and geothermal wells. As a standalone independent company with a vertically integrated structure, WIS focuses on providing quality products manufactured by WIS delivered via a global engineering and field services footprint.

Through their unique position in the energy industry, they serve the wellbore integrity needs of energy companies, service companies, and local partners. Operating in over 30 countries with more than 45 facility locations, WIS is focused on their customers utilizing integrated resources which include approximately 1000 employees globally encompassing 49 nationalities around the world.

Automating operations using cloud solutions on the 1C:Enterprise platform, WIS was able to open 16 regional offices in Russia and Kazakhstan. The 1C:ERP system helped the company organize effective management for its manufacturing and inspection, repair, and leasing services for oil, gas, and geothermal good equipment while securing an uninterrupted supply of materials and components to keep their manufacturing going. It is able to calculate the cost of production and performed work accurately and quickly.

The seamless integration of 1C:ERP with the 1C:Document Management system enabled the company to establish procedures for approving documents quickly and establishing terms for business transactions and expenses within its international offices. Managers are also able to monitor the performance of divisions located in different cities and countries in real-time.

Main challenges
  • The company was just entering a new market, so there was no clear vision for automation.
  • The concept of the project has changed a few times as the company's strategy has been refined.
  • The time frame of the project has changed several times.
  • The project team was distributed over 4 countries located in different time zones. (USA, UAE, Russia, Kazakhstan).
  • The main part of the project was implemented during the lockdown (2020), so it was necessary to adapt the implementation for remote control.
The following software was implemented to solve automation tasks:
  • 1C ERP
  • 1C Document Management (seamless integration with 1C ERP)
  • 1C Accounting Russia
  • 1С Human Resources Management Russia
  • 1C Accounting Kazakhstan
  • 1C Human Resources Management Kazakhstan

In total, the system has six seamlessly integrated information databases.

During the project, the 1C:ERP system was adapted to support multi-country accounting and generate reports in three currencies (RUB, USD, and KZT) on a tight deadline (just two weeks). All solutions utilized by the project were seamlessly integrated with each other and as a result, an integrated system based on 1C:Enterprise was deployed at the Russia locations in three months and at its Kazakhstan locations in just two weeks.

Key Results
  • Manufacturing management was automated. Manufacturing orders are divided into two types in the system: orders for the production of pipes and components and work orders (for example, for pipe inspection, repair, and cutting). When an order is received, the manager can quickly calculate its planned cost. Production plans are generated based on the received orders. Separate plans are generated for each type of order. After the work is completed, the system automatically generates the closing documents for the client, and the actual cost is calculated. It is possible to determine which exact costs contributed to the product price based on the calculation data. This allows the company to assess the profitability of releasing various products, and to choose the right production strategy based on this data.
  • The seamless integration between 1C:ERP and 1C:Document Management makes it possible to arrange for rapid approval of documents, the terms of business transactions, and expenditures. All approvals are performed in 1C:ERP without needing to switch to 1C:Document Management. Approval sequences have been configured in the system depending on the areas of activity, amounts, and types of expenditures. Up to 10 employees at the remote branch offices participate in the approval process at the same time. The system facilitates this process by preventing the delays and bottlenecks that can be created while waiting for approvals from individual specialists. The initiator can monitor the document status in real-time, and if approvers have comments, changes can be made quickly.
  • The company was able to quickly set up rapid centralized procurement management. Employees at the branch offices can now draft procurement requests in the system and submit them for approval to their managers. Requests are forwarded to the Procurement Department at the head office after they are approved. The Procurement Department at the head office processes requests and prepares orders for suppliers. The system automatically generates receipt documents based on orders that are sent to suppliers. The company has a rule that prohibits any procurement from being made outside of this chain. This procurement management system ensures reliable cost control and avoids any unnecessary spending.
  • The management of accounts receivable and payable has been automated. Each division creates its own payment calendar and financial plan in the system, and the head office combines these plans into a single plan for the entire company. This helps the management to quickly monitor the financial situation at the branch offices, identify deviations, and prevent situations that lead to such deviations going forward.
  • In addition, the company has been able to ensure efficient regulatory accounting, the filing of reports with regulatory authorities, and payroll management for 400 employees at its branch offices in accordance with the requirements of Russian and Kazakhstani laws.
150 workstations distributed across 16 locations in two countries were automated.

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